Autism QuizAsperger syndrome is the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in which there is no general delay in language or cognitive development. Like the more severe ASDs, it is characterized by difficulties in social interaction and restricted, stereotyped patterns of behaviour and interests.

This questionnaire covers the classic manifestations of Asperger’s syndrome. You will discover that a large group of people are incorrectly diagnosed with this condition, as the assumption is often that kid’s showing more severe forms of ADHD are Asperger’s. As you will see from the questions they are quite separate and distinct disorders behaviourally. Also beware if you have been diagnosed with both ADHD and Asperger’s – It is more useful clinically to differentiate which is the strongest disorder being manifest.

If the client is a child, the parent should complete the questionnaire, and also request that a teacher or carer completes the tool.

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