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Torque Release Technique Online Training Modules

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WHY LEARN TRT? - Upgrade adjustments from mechanistic segmental approach to neurological tonal model - Convert patients from symptomatic understanding to wellness consciousness - Increase magic from each & every adjustment regardless of how adjust - Evolve technical confidence & certainty to new level of mastery - Expand capacity - see more clients in less time - Maximise patient retention & compliance - Break free to doing less for more results - See larger changes correcting emotional, psychological, behavioural & chemical Subluxation components - Reduce mental & physical fatigue to your body using effective low-force technique - Develop committed practice members without need for hard-sell marketing techniques WHAT IS TRT • Vitalistic model of subluxation analysis & correction evolved from traditional chiropractic principles to 21st century quantum science • Unique combination of most evidence-based chiropractic diagnosis from critical review of best of the best neurological subluxation indicators • Neurological & tonal system differential diagnosis to determine primary subluxation at any given moment in time • Live analysis to determine where & how non-linear body wants & needs adjustment • System upgrade to any chiropractic technique analysis • First technique developed through randomised controlled scientific research design • Hardware upgrade if embrace latest adjusting technology THE INTEGRATOR ADJUSTING INSTRUMENT 8 Hours CPD Certificate upon completion.

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