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Torque Release Technique
More Energy

Less Pain

Improved Health

Better Sleep

Increased Flexibility

Straighter Posture

Reduced Stress

Decreased Tension


People of all ages consult Chiropractors for many and varied health problems: 
•    Parents bring their new born infants, rapidly growing toddlers, accident prone children and hectic teenagers for regular spinal check-ups. 
•    Elite athletes, busy professionals, tired parents, worn-out tradesmen, office and factory workers, and retirees wanting to stay active can all enjoy the benefits.
•    People with neck, back, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, muscular and sporting injuries can all be seen visiting chiropractic offices.
•    Hundreds of case studies and numerous scientific research papers have documented a long list of ailments which Chiropractic has been able to assist: Poor sleep, colic, bedwetting, allergies and asthma, ear infections, hayfever and sinusitis, headaches and migraines, indigestion, menstrual problems, infertility, infections, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, ADHD and addictions, multiple sclerosis and parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, sciatica and neuralgia are among the many problems which have been found to respond favorably to spinal care. 
A consultation with the chiropractor will detect whether a program of adjustments may help in these cases.
Most problems will need a course of Chiropractic adjustments varying from weeks to months with regular progress checks to chart your improvement.
Upon completing corrective management it is advisable to continue with preventative programs, which include regular ongoing chiropractic “tune-ups”.
Everyone is encouraged to participate in education, and self-help to become more proactive in their own health care.
Many people appreciate the value of chiropractic care as part of a balanced wellness program, and enjoy the feelings of health and wellbeing received from regular adjustments.


  1. Your body is regenerating, replenishing and healing itself every minute of your life – It’s a standard design feature!

  2. All these healing and renewing processes are coordinated by your Nervous System.

  3. Normal function of your Nervous System is dependent upon normal function of your Spine.

  4. Physical, chemical, emotional and spiritual stresses are all processed by your nerve system – overload results in illness.

  5. This involves gradual tightening of your Spinal Column – Subluxation.

  6. Chiropractic Adjustments improve spinal function by reducing Subluxations.

  7. Adjustments help to optimize nervous system function.

  8. Adjustments assist healing and regeneration.

Our Mission Is To Maximize Your Health – Naturally!


  • We will be checking your spinal column for areas where the nervous system is being damaged by Subluxation and will deliver an adjustment using the Integrator instrument – MODERN

  • This reproduces what the hands were intended to do with much more precision and less force than ever possible by hand – GENTLE

  • The advantage of the Integrator is that it delivers a specific frequency of energy, exactly where spinal cord function has become irritated – EFFECTIVE

  • A “balance and tune” for your body’s “electrical system”     – RELAXING

  • It is a technique to stimulate your nervous system in such a way that it releases and reduces tension, assisting your body to self-correct; repairing itself quickly and naturally – HEALING

  • Regular adjustments are recommended – Initially to unwind the chronic tension stored in your nervous system, and then to reverse the build-up of ongoing stress, strain and toxins – CHIROPRACTIC – FOR ALL AGES



Chiropractic – Much More Than Bad Backs.

A Subluxation can best be described as a specific site of spinal malfunction which leads to irritation of the body’s central computer, the nervous system. The end result of this is interference with the body’s vital communication system.

Complicated chemical reactions and electrical frequencies occur in your nervous system; when working properly they result in you feeling good, with lots of energy – A Subluxation interferes with this…

If the spine is allowed to express itself without interference (free of subluxations) then you can express your full potential: If the nervous system “feels good”, then usually the rest of the body “works well” – Physically, Chemically and Emotionally.

Research published in one of the most respected psychiatry journals showed dramatic reduction in anxiety and depression levels, decreased need for symptom relief, and improved measurements of wellbeing, when Torque Release Technique (“TRT”) Adjustments were received.

TRT is the most up-to-date chiropractic technique available. It has been designed as part of scientific research into the health benefits from chiropractic: It is a mixture of the “best-of-the-best” systems of chiropractic assessment and treatment.

TRT Locates And Reduces Subluxations.


The Integrator instrument was purpose designed and built to reproduce what the hands intend to achieve during a Chiropractic Adjustment. Originally it was manufactured for use in scientific research and when the dramatic health benefits were measured overwhelming demand lead to its use in private practice.

The attributes that make an Integrator adjustment something special and powerful are:

  1. PRECISE: When using an Integrator we can pinpoint the exact point on the spine that requires adjustment of nerve function.

  2. SPECIFIC: The force, frequency of energy, torque, speed and thrust provided by the Integrator have all been tailor-made to deliver the perfect amount of energy to help normalize nerve function.

  3. GENTLE: An Integrator adjustment can be delivered with the spine in a perfectly relaxed position with a controlled amount of force.

  4. FAST: The incredibly fast but shallow impulse is one of the secrets to the effectiveness of this adjustment and the reason for it being so gentle.

  5. RECOIL: Another secret ingredient built into the Integrator is recoil: This bounce in the impulse increases the body’s nerve system response.

  6. TORQUE: Subatomic particles, atoms, muscles, and human bodies all move in three dimensions: The three-dimensional impulse of the Integrator maximizes the effectiveness.

  7. EFFECTIVE: The benefits of Integrator adjustments have been measured by scientific research and this research has been published in major peer-reviewed medical journals.

  8. RELIABLE: The way that the Integrator delivers an adjustment is consistent and reliable so that the right amount of force and energy is transmitted on each and every adjustment.

  9. CONSISTENT: The assessment, examination and adjustments that are used in TRT are standardized which means that several practitioners using the same method can deliver the same results and experience.

  10. RECOGNIZED: The Integrator is patented for correction of Subluxations, registered with an FDA 510k, and holds a CE license.



A health care practice where the practitioner and the staff really care about you, take the time to listen to your concerns, and explain things in simple terms. 
A safe, natural, and drug-free health care choice. 
The most common “side-effect” is that your overall health and wellbeing will improve too! 
Even though the practitioners have done all the scientific and clinical studies of a five-year university masters degree and post graduate training, they still have a human hands-on approach.

Contact Us Today To Discover How To Make Your Health Goals Reality!

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