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- Musculoskeletal Problems - Pain Management - Internal Disorders - Stress-Related Disorders - The Five Addictions High-Tech, Micro-current, No Needles WHY LEARN? 1) Improve the speed of your pain management strategies – people persist with care when you can offer drug-free pain relief 2) Speed up your client’s healing towards wellness – effective neurological intervention 3) See better results with sport & joint problems – break open the CNS reflex loops that limit healing 4) Expanded scope of practice – consistently improve signs & symptoms of internal disorders 5) Refine your differential diagnosis – modality that helps identify dysfunctional systems & tissues 6) Offer your clients relief from depression, anxiety & compulsive related feelings 7) Be a saint in your community assisting addicts of all kinds in their recovery process 8) Improve profitability by introducing an effective modality – can be taught & delegated to assistants 9) Reduce physical & mental strain & demand placed on you by less effective manual therapies 10) Impress clients (& perplex your local GP) with your ability to tell them things about bodily functions that they hadn’t mentioned – excited clients refer their friends & family! ONLINE DISTANCE EDUCATION Complete your training in comfort of your own home with online video training. Notes & examination paper included in electronic materials. Subscription in this program will be awarded Certificate of Completion for 8 hours of continuing professional.

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