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EVA Foam Massage Roller Stainless Steel Water Bottle Combo Hydration 1.2L Black New In Box

Now you can have the ultimate recovery and rehydration tools combined into one cool unit. The Super Healthy Roller Bottle will save you space in your sports bag and supply you the two most important recovery tools – hydration and rolling.

Half of the skill of being a serious athlete is effective recovery. You can train harder than anyone but if you fail to take proper care of your recovery then you will suffer soreness and maybe even injury: Both can lead to poor training outcomes.

This is a must have product to combine hydration and massage in one portable, eco-friendly package.

Warm-up your muscles, joints, and tendons. Stay hydrated throughout your training sessions or competitions. Then roll to help relieve aches and pains and shorten recovery times.

High-density dimpled EVA foam for more efficient massage and trigger point release

  • Stainless Steel Water Bottle
  • 1.2L
  • 28cm high by 10cm wide
  • Suction straw goes all way to bottom of bottle
  • EVA Foam Roller Exterior
  • Colours Black, Pink & Camo
  • Soft rubber handle for easy carrying
  • BPA Free
  • Washable
  • Insulates your drinks

Super Healthy is happy to be working with Zhangjiagang Aonfit Trading Co. Ltd. a company specializing in the development and sales of Comprehensive Fitness Yoga Equipment. They are a group of people passionate and responsible to customers. They emphasize teamwork advocating win-win, learning and fighting. Innovative, persistent and providing sincere service to meet the actual sports needs of fitness lovers for maximum benefit.

Dr Nick Hodgson provides gentle chiropractic adjustments combined with highly effective myofascial deep tissue work and other cutting-edge natural treatment techniques to help you achieve reduced pain, better flexibility and bodily function and improved health and wellbeing. Nick has 30 years clinical experience with a caring people-oriented approach always helping you to take positive action steps towards being fit, healthy and happy...

Nick works on a 50/50 therapeutic principle - 50% of benefits comes from his treatment, 50% of benefits comes from how you treat yourself. Hydration and stretching are two of the most important self-help strategies so this new Super Healthy product is an essential tool that every athlete should own and carry in their sports bag.

EVA Foam Massage Roller Stainless Steel Water Bottle Combo Hydration 1.2L Black

AU$65.00 Regular Price
AU$31.00Sale Price
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