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Posture Pro Analysis Software

The World’s Number 1 Postural Analysis Software
Posture is the window to the spine…
As Chiropractors we know that poor postural alignment indicates increased amounts of biomechanical strain on all of the spinal tissues, and that poor posture indicates poor spinal alignment and abnormal function
With Posture Pro 8e you can…

  • Install onto a desktop, notebook or tablet computer system
  • Efficiently store and retrieve digital photos of your patients’ posture on your computer
  • Perform objective and quantifiable analyses of postural alignment
  • Record and show key physical markers such as forward head or pelvic tilt, neck or pelvic list, unlevel shoulders, pelvis, and lower limbs, centre of gravity, cervical stress, total postural deviation and more – all in a completely objective manner
  • Compare pre- and post- examinations
  • Graph progress and change through time
  • Educate your patients powerfully and visually about the role of posture in health and spinal function
  • Stimulate referrals of friends and families who see the assessment printouts and want their own posture to be assessed and corrected
  • Open the door to referrals via community groups, screenings, business and industry with the quickest, most visual and impressive examination and report tool
  • Use Posture Pro 8e to visually and objectively prove the benefits of your care
  • Now includes Range of Motion Analysis and Drawing Tools… And much, much more…


The Science of Posture Analysis: Evidence-Based Approaches for Health Professionals:
Study for free now at this link...


  1. Increases Your Patient Conversion and Retention: Your patients will see how bad their spine and posture is right now, and the “effects of time” button shows them the natural progression if they do not follow your recommendations.
  2. Easier to Use than Other Posture Analysis Devices: The latest version of Posture Pro technology makes your job easier and more fun. A Tech-CA can even perform all image capturing and analysis in less than 4 minutes for a comprehensive examination and analysis. 
  3. Saves You Time And Makes You More Money: Your patients will comprehend the need to follow your recommendations. Their understanding of the importance of their posture occurs much faster and is more real when they look at a real photo of themselves: Proof of the old saying “a picture paints a thousand words.” 
  4. No Hidden Charges: Your purchase price is your end-price. Your purchase price is in Aussie dollars. There are no yearly maintenance contracts. All future updates of Posture Pro are provided to you for FREE! 
  5. Simple Point and Click Technology: Unlike some other digital postural analysis technologies Posture Pro 8e does not require you to send the images away to be analyzed. The point and click technology allows you to capture, analyse and print your patients report within minutes. No added and ongoing charges. 


  • No more doubts in your patients mind about why they need to follow your best recommendations… Even if it requires a treatment protocol over many months 
  • No more complicated and drawn out report of findings… A picture paints a thousand words. The patient literally sees for themselves how bad their posture is and will ask “can this be fixed and when can we start?” 
  • When used as a spinal screening tool or initial consultation diagnostic tool you will assert more authority and position yourself as THE spine expert in your community
  • No more doubts as to the positive postural changes your care provides to your patients… when used in conjunction with follow up examinations your Posture Pro 8e helps your patient to see the value in continuing with their chiropractic protocols and reinforces the importance of chiropractic spinal maintenance and regular tune-ups
  • No more patients walking out the door without understanding why they need you and chiropractic… They will take a printed copy of the report with them as a constant and powerful reminder that they need your expertise
  • The very first time you use Posture Pro 8e you will enhance your authority and expertise in the eyes of your patient. After just a few days you will approach your report of findings with greater confidence and convince even the most skeptical prospects. All this and more can occur in your practice simply by using Posture Pro 8e    

Features: Easy Image Capture, Point and Click Analysis, Measure offsets as angles or mm’s, Analyze AP and Lateral Standing Posture, Predict Cervical Compressive Forces, Body Balance Point and Render Possible Skeletal Distortions, Print Picture Reports including graphs, Comparison reports show areas of improvement
FREE Extras: Full Instruction Manual, Email Technical Support, No Annual Renewal Fees, RIP Image Management add-on software and more…

  1. Posture Pro 8e software – Your purchase gives you 1 installation – extra installs can be purchased
  2. A digital camera with a connection to your computer (unless integrated in tablet) – Doesn’t have to be high-resolution image
  3. A computer – tablet, notebook or desk-top with a windows (>7 preferably) platform (Macs must have Windows)
  4. A colour printer

FREE E-BOOK - The Power of Posture: A Chiropractor's Guide to Marketing Success

Have you considered using posture-based marketing to promote your business? Posture-based marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to showcase your expertise in a unique and compelling way. By focusing on the benefits of proper posture, you can attract potential patients who are looking for a non-invasive solution to their pain and discomfort....

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Instant Image Import with RIP - Rapid Image Processing for Posture Pro
Today's cameras take ginormous size images. Posture Pro only needs an image that is under 1 megapixel in size. Any lag time in displaying an imported posture image on the screen is due to Posture Pro resampling the image in the background before importing. This can cause an irritating wait.
RIP is a small helper app that will instantly resize posture images for INSTANT import into Posture Pro. Resize one or one hundred at a time.

Existing Posture Pro customers - Only US$99 and available for instant download after purchase.

Purchase RIP Software Now! - Instant Download

Go to this link to purchase now...


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Posture Pro Analysis Software

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