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Dr Nick Hodgson provides gentle chiropractic adjustments combined with highly effective myofascial deep tissue work and other cutting-edge natural treatment techniques to help you achieve reduced pain, better flexibility and bodily function and improved health and wellbeing. Nick has 33 years clinical experience with a caring people-oriented approach always helping you to take positive action steps towards being fit, healthy and happy...

Nick says "My philosophy is very simple. I treat people the way I would like to be treated myself. When you see me you will have my full one on one attention, and you won't be in and out of the front door in 5 minutes. I use a wide range of treatment methods so that we can find what works for you."

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"Chiropractic is about the cause of health... Rather than the treatment of disease."

BJ Palmer - "The Developer Of Chiropractic" - 1882-1961

Myofascial Relese Therapies
Gentle Torque Release Spinal Adjustment

Safe, gentle, natural, relaxing, effective and modern: “TRT” is the first chiropractic method to be developed through a scientific research project, combining the best chiropractic analysis with the latest in adjusting instrument technology – no more need for what many people call “bone crunching”… Find Out More...

Myofascial Release Therapies

Advanced massage methods.
Massage is great - MyoFascial Release is better. Targeting the specific soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue) that have become shortened and even fibrous…

SCENAR Electrotherapy
Microcurrent Auriculotherapy

High-tech alternative to body acupuncture.
A SCENAR machine is a short pulse electronic neuro-adaptive therapeutic stimulator - which makes it sound very complicated. In essence, it is easier to think of a SCENAR machine as a small but very effective and compact device offering electrotherapy... Find Out More...

High-tech alternative to ear acupuncture.
The neurological reflex points on the surface of the ear are the most direct connections to brain function. Using micro-current technology to detect and correct abnormal reflexes can have many beneficial effects to the way you feel and function… Find Out More...

Specific Hands-On Spinal Adjustments

For those people who prefer a more traditional manual chiropractic adjustment Dr Nick has 33 years experience in providing the most specific and gentle joint stretching and body realignment...

Exercise Prescription and Coaching

We believe that health care is a partnership – 50% of your healing comes from what we do, 50% from what you do. Dr Nick believes in teaching his practice members simple home based exercises that fit into your daily routine...

Bob Beck Protocol Therapies

The Beck Protocol consists of four elements:
1) Micropulsing, also known as blood electrification or blood cleansing - using microcurrents
2) Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF)
3) Ionic Colloidal Silver
4) Ozonated Water

Vitamin and Supplement Advice

We'll help you to prioritise the nutrients you most require to supplement a healthy diet and produce therapeutic benefits for your biggest health concerns and many times will be able to supply you highest quality supplements at lower prices.

Specific Hands-On Spinal Adjustments
Exercise Prescription and Coaching
Bob Beck Protocol Therapies
Vitamin and Supplement Advice

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